Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree is a Psychedelic Doom band from Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 2014, the contrast between bright and eerie, beautiful and heavy, quickly became an inseparable part of their sound. Their compositions combine crushing Doom riffs with spherical Post-and Psychedelic Rock. Underneath swims a layer of heavily reverberated vocals, that act as an additional instrument but also add a visual layer through the metaphorically lyrics.

In 2017 they released their debut record Medicine on Pink Tank Records, which provides a diverse listening-experience and lays the groundwork for their continually evolving sound. In 2019 they tour in support of their sophomore record „Grandmother“ (Pink Tank Records) on which they expanded their sound through lower tunings, a densely layered use of effects, faster passages and harder vocals. With „Aion“ – which will be released in August 2023 on Magnetic Eye Records – they are going for a more expansive and diverse sound, incorporating elements of Ambient and Field Recording, while giving the vocals a more prominent role than on the previous records.